My Plastic Surgery Experience with Docfinder Korea and Banobagi Clinic (Part 2)

Hey there Sexy Bunnies of the internet! Phew, I just got back from a late night movie with my friends and watched the latest Maze Runner Sequel “The Scorch Trial”. Its almost 2am here in Malaysia, and I’m sitting here in my hotel room trying to wake my brain up to write this post for y’all.

Before I start rambling about my surgery experience, I want to thank you guys all so much for all of your support. For those who had watched my videos, silently supporting/subscribing, and to those who came all the way from watching my surgery vlog to this post, THANK YEW  ALL SO MUCH!!!! I really could not be happier here writing this post for you guys. I am so blessed to have your love and support in my life. You guys are the reason why I kept going and still posting videos until today. Once again from the bottom of the BOTTOM of my heart thank you and I LOVE YEW ALL BUNNIES! *wiping happy tears*

Let me give you guys a little background on Docfinder Korea before we move on to the blog post surgery okay?

So what exactly is Docfinder Korea? 

Docfinder Korea is a medical agency accredited by the Korean Government. They introduce good and reputable clinics and doctors for foreign patients. Imagine not knowing anything and blindly looking a random clinic online and just go there without knowing their reputation. What if that clinic had cases before and we don’t know it? What if they are black listed? Scary right?

Docfinder Korea will be giving you all the information you need about the clinic you desire to go. They are not like other typical Korean medical agency, most of their staffs including Shin used to work in the plastic surgery clinics before for a long time so, they know the insight on clinics and will be giving you all the information you need about it. Also Docfinder Korea will inform you list of clinics that are currently blacklisted and will not be recommending you going there. They will only recommend you guys good and reputable clinic.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 12.07.53 am

Is Docfinder Korea Service free? 

Yes, Docfinder Korea works on a commission basis with clinics. The commission does not affect the price you pay to the clinic because they already have fixed price list. whether you guys use their service or go to the clinic yourself you will be paying the same price.

So while its free, why not right?

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 12.07.59 am

So what are their services? 

  1. They will be giving you a medical advice
  2. Give you the hospital/ clinic & Doctor Information
  3. Hospital/ Clinic & Hotel Reservation
  4. Translation
  5. Errand
  6. Pick up & Transfer
  7. Bargain with the hospital
  8. Solving any problems that may occur throughout the medical trip
  9. Accompanying you throughout the whole medical procedure from consultation to surgery after care.
  10. Monitoring and checking whether clinic change doctor (to prevent ghost doctor)
  11. Take you to super market or hair salon or any place you need to go.
  12. provide a free shopping tour after surgery.

So awesome right? For more information go to

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 12.10.18 am

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE READING THIS POST: If you guys have weak stomach and not a fan of seeing someone being bandaged and have pipe inserted in their mouth, then you can click out right now. I made this video to share my experience with my viewers and readers. It is not my intention to scare or traumatise anyone or whatsoever.

Here are some questions I want to answer before we go ahead on this post. 

What kind of Surgery did you do Sunny? and What is Facial Contouring surgery?

I did double eyelid (Non-incision and Ptosis correction) and Facial Contouring surgery.

As for double eyelid, Non-incision is the current double eyelid surgery “trend” method. I notice people go for this method because it is by far the most natural looking surgery for eyes. Also your Doctor will recommend you this surgery if your eyelid is thin and doesn’t have much fat. If you do then your Doctor will most likely advice you to go for incision method. Ptosis correction is basically an eye lift. Usually it is included in one package of double eyelid surgery to make the eyes look more awake. I am really glad they did ptosis correction on me because if they don’t my eyes will still look a little droopy after surgery. For monolids I recommend doing ptosis correction, especially if you wore a lot of double eyelid tape before. What has it got to do with double eyelid tape?

You see, if you wear double eyelid tape quite often it will sag your eyelid. You will notice this when you start seeing wrinkles on your lid and feel you look more sleepy than usual. If this is what is happening to you, ptosis correction is definitely needed.

For Facial Contouring I did, Zygoma which is pretty much shaving off the prominent part of your cheek bone to make it look smoother, Angular jaw which is cutting the jaw line area to make the feature look more v shape and also smoother and finally Genioplasty or can be known as chin implant which is quite self explanatory here helps to make your chin look sharper to complete the v shape look.

Okay now lets get back to business!

Where did we stopped from the last blog post?

Oh right! so we were a day before my surgery right? So this post is going to walk you guys through THE day of the surgery and also my post operation vlog.

If you are new and just so happened to stumbled across my blog here is part I for you:

Here’s my blog post on part I as well:

The day before surgery I was told not to drink or eat anything 8 hours prior to the surgery and final consultation. So the night before I chugged myself so much water to avoid feeling dehydrated or thirsty when I wake up after the surgery.

Finally the day has arrived Ladies and Gentlemen! I was very much looking forward to my surgery. Unlike other patients, I wasn’t nervous (just kidding I was a little and Miyake was there comforting me and made me feel less nervous, THANKS BABE!). So First stop I had to meet Claire again for one last consultation with the Doctors. I think it’s great that Banobagi has this double consultation system, I get to be sure of what I want by going to the consultation again for one last time before the surgery. What if you guys change your mind the next day right? So having another consultation is very good (just in case you changed your mind and want something different). Double consultation gets an A+ in my book. Love it.

So just like in my part one post, I had to see Claire before I see Dr. Lee and Dr. Oh. Claire here will be helping you to communicate with your Dr. She speaks excellent English and very friendly too. So don’t have to worry if you guys can’t speak Korean, Claire will be assisting you for your consultation with your Dr. You can tell her what you want for your surgery and Claire will be delivering your concern accordingly to the doctor during consultation. Other than consultation, I had to sign some documents and Claire also gave me a run down of what will happen before the surgery and the whole pre operation and post operation procedures. For me I hate the idea of not knowing what will happen to me, I’m the kind of person who loves to be in control of my body the whole time. So by having Claire walking me through all these procedures really made me feel more relieved and know what to expect when I wake up (believe me it wasn’t scary at all).

After seeing Claire, I was rushed to see Dr. Lee from Eye and Nose department who will be doing my eyes. I did not change my mind, I still wanted the same type of eyes I have mentioned in my Part I Vlog, so I told him nothing changed, except, I want the inner crease to be a little bit close to my eyes so that it won’t look tapered. I wanted a semi tapered- parallel eyes to make it look unique and also bigger without making it look too big like parallel (if that makes sense).                          Dr. Lee said it won’t be a problem. So all set for eyes!

Moving on, after meeting Dr. Lee, I was rushed to see Dr. Oh.

Same like my previous consultation I told him I wanted slimmer face, and I also want my chin to be slightly pointier. So I asked Miyake to help me photoshop my face and make it slimmer but still looking natural.  Dr. Oh looked at the photo and said looking it can be done and won’t be a problem. All set for Facial contouring!


The next thing I know I was in the surgery room. I had 2 surgery in one day. First I one I did my eyes. The nurse/ anaesthetist put me on a sleeping anaesthesia for my double eyelid surgery and then next thing I know they woke me up and rushed me to the other operating room and put me on general anaesthesia for my facial contouring.

I have a funny story for you guys, so during my first operation I was sleeping but half conscious.

Nana (Banobagi staff who was assisting me throughout my stay in Banobagi Guesthouse) she was supervising my double eyelid surgery and she told me I was swearing the whole time until the surgery finish. lol my goodness, I rarely even swear in day-to-day basis and don’t know what got into me. I don’t even remember a thing. She said Dr. Lee was just laughing throughout the surgery, I had no idea what I said. I’m pretty sure it sounded something like this ” Stupid F-ing monkey king kong !!” lol.

Now moving on to 2nd surgery, I remember the nurse woke me up from the first surgery to move to another room for my facial contouring surgery. I had no idea how I got there but I remember lying down and tried to count sheep (well nobody told me to count but I still did cos that’s what they ask you to do in the movie right? Stupid Sunny still did) and guess what guys? I think I was still high from the previous anaesthesia, so as soon as I counted 1, I blacked out. LOL!

Next thing I know I woke up and I remember Miyake and Shin from Docfinder Korea was there in the patient room! I had no idea what they were saying most of the time (was super high)

Most of you guys asked me this question on instagram , “Sunny did it hurt when you wake up?”

Okay here’s what I think, who ever said facial contouring surgery (Zygoma, Angular Jaw and Genioplasty)  was not painful,  (It can be for some people) it WAS for me. I’m just being completely honest, this is a major surgery that requires shaving off your cheek bone and also cutting your jaw line area. It is cutting your bone so of course it will hurt. There is no such thing as feeling nothing when you undergo a major surgery like this.

When I woke up from the surgery,I remember I felt sore around my jaw area but it wasn’t to a point I wanted to cry and all that drama. It was manageable but still very sore. I remember first 3 hours I was asking for painkiller from the nurse because it was really getting me but I had no idea I already had painkiller in my IV so the nurse said they couldn’t give me anymore. So, all I did for first 3 hours after I woke up was trying to get back to sleep to make the sore go away.

Before Surgery


1 Week After Surgery  (my face looked like I just got stung by 50 bees) lol 


2 Weeks After Surgery 


Day 1 Post OP

I noticed I was not as swollen as I thought I would. I thought I would be like twiddle dee or something. Turned out quite okay. Dr. Oh came and check on me and he said my face is expected to get more swollen from day 2 to 6 and then it will slowly deswell.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 5.40.01 pm

 Day 2 Post OP

Day 2 as expected my face went from normal Sunny to hello potato faced Sunny! lol

I could’t eat anything until my one week mark. I was strictly on liquid so that was the only toughest part of facial contouring surgery. Other than that it was all okay and bearable. Honestly looking back now If I can turn back time and go back, I will still do this surgery. Seriously, no regrets at all. As for my eyes I couldn’t feel anything. I read somewhere If you do two or 3 surgery on your face, usually the most painful one will dominate and the rest you won’t even feel the pain. I agree with this because I couldn’t feel the pain for my eyelid at all. It was just like as if I’m wearing a double eyelid tape kind of feeling. uncomfortable but no pain at all.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 5.41.01 pm

Fast forward to Week 2

The swelling went down like 40%, and I could open my mouth a little. The swelling was not as bad as last week, I can just wear make up and walk around Myeongdong without mask on.



During my post operation healing process, Banobagi provided variety of treatment, from Oxygen treatment, facial, massage all the way to skincare treatment.


at Banobagi Skincare Clinic to do PRP Treatment



The staff is taking my blood for PRP Treatment >.<

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP is a natural formula created from your own body using your blood.  It may sound scary but its not believe me, they will only be drawing a little bit of your blood to formulate the plasma. This plasma is called PRP, once they have already formulated it they will inject it back to your skin. PRP helps to generate collagen to make the skin feels moisturised, soft and help to tighten the skin. You can only see the improvement or result one week after the injection. I personally really love this treatment, right after 1 week my skin felt really smooth and also my make up applied even nicer than before.

If you guys are not a fan of plastic surgery clinic, I highly recommend you guys to go and check out Banobagi Skincare Clinic. I will definitely be back again next year for another PRP treatment.

Seriously, I love Banobagi so much, their service is really good. If I want to do any enhancement in the future I will definitely come back to Banobagi.


with Dr. Ban


with Dr. Oh (I’m a big fan of him so had to ask him to take photo with me after our last consultation lol)

So to conclude this post, the surgery was successful. I am very happy with my result thanks to Dr. Lee and Dr. Oh from Banobagi Clinic. Highly recommend them and also Docfinder Korea.

If you have any questions you can shoot me an email at: or on the comments down below.

Hope you guys find this post helpful!

Signing off !


Review: Skinfood Vita Water Pore Fit Cushion Bottle

Hey Bunnies!

I’m going to kick start my very first review post with an interesting cushion foundation from Skinfood.

Yes, it’s a bottle and YES it’s a cushion!

I have always been a religious cushion girl since a year ago. If I can choose between point make up and base, I would go for base any day. Why? Because if you can make your skin look good anything you apply on top like lipstick, mascara and eyeliner will look good too!

As you all may have already know I went to Korea a little over 2 months ago. Aside from my Plastic Surgery trip, I went there for sightseeing and ofcouse SHOPPING. UH UH~ When there is makeup  there is SUNNY.

I remember it was a day after my surgery or few days after and Miyake was buying gifts for her friends and we walked around near Yeoksam station subway area. The thing I love about Korean Subway is that they always sell clothes and makeup there too!

So while walking around there we both saw Skinfood. We initially went in there to just look around and then my eyes was locked into one item. It was The Skinfood Vita Water Pore Fit Cushion Bottle. It looked a little gimmicky but hey it was eye catching and interesting so, I immediately bought it.

After I came back from Korea I never touched this product. My face was so swollen I wasn’t even in the mood to put any make up.  Then my face finally looked slimmer around a month ago and BAM! first thing I wanted to try was this product.

So here it is my full review!

Before application:



After Application:



I bought this product back then mainly because it was different from other “boring” cushion packaging. It somehow reminds me of a drinking bottle.  Packaging wise I will give this product  A for an effort for making itself look more eye catching and interesting compared to others.


MY GOODNESS. This product is freaking awesome in the coverage department! You don’t have to put so much it gives super high coverage. Do be careful not to layer it too much because it can look a little cake for dry skin. Other than that, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It can go from medium to full coverage easily. AAA+ product. If you guys notice on my right cheek (from your side) has one dot of acne scar there and after application its gone! I didn’t even put extra concealer on top. That’s how good the coverage is!


Sadly Skinfood Pore Cushion Bottle doesn’t come in wide range of shades. This cushion only comes in 2 shades. No. 1 Light Skin and No.2 Natural Skin. The one I’m demo-ing for today is in #2. I love how this is a foundation not a bb cushion. BB has grey property in it so it takes a while to oxidise which is a PAIN. When I’m in a hurry I don’t have time to sit and wait until my bb oxidise so foundation is right in my alley. Color tone wise #2 is yellow undertone. If you have pink undertone you might want to try out shade #1 but if you’re somewhere in NC20-NC25 in MAC try #2. 


haha I feel like I’m selling you guys a car here. Giving you a “feel” section. For this product it’s a must! It’s their main selling point here, Pore Cushion Bottle claims to give your skin a cooling sensation when you apply it onto your skin. D*mn right it is! It felt really cooling and refreshing. The finish of this product is semi matte which is awesome, it looks dewy but its matte. Doesn’t make your face look oily at all!


Also this cushion is Skinfood Summer Line so definitely good for summer, and for those of you bunnies who are living in a tropical weather countries THIS STUFF IS TO GO FOR YA.

The only thing I wished Skinfood did was to make the bottle smaller. I love all about this cushion and I shouldn’t be complaining cos I mainly bought it because of the packaging but I don’t think its travel friendly, especially its an aerosol product. So, for travel its not convenient. Other than that it’s a great product.

My verdict: 8/10

That’s it for moi review today!

Signing off!


My Plastic Surgery Experience with Docfinder Korea & Banobagi Clinic (Part I)

Hi my lovely Bunnies!!

How have you guys been doing?

How was summer break? Are you guys back in School? (let me know on the comments down below ! I would love to know all about it!)

Today, I have a very exciting post I want to share with y’all. This is actually THE most highly requested post on my social medias. Many of you want to know about my Plastic Surgery experience with Docfinder Korea and Banobagi Clinic. I know I have a separate video dedicated to this but I think it will be nice to just sit down here and tell you guys more in detail about it.

Honestly, my fingers are kind of shaky right now typing this post. I know that once this post is up for public, I cannot take it down and even if I did I’m sure someone already had a screenshot copy of it and judge me for it. But you know what? I don’t care. Judge me all you want.

All my life I have been caring about what people think and that didn’t make me happy at all.

I want to do this to help people, it was the only reason why I have decided to open up about my surgery. I don’t want you guys go to a bad clinic and end up not happy with your result.

So Bunnies~! This post is for YOU~! Enjoy!

I never heard about Docfinder  Korea and  Banobagi before until I read and heard about them from my  dear sweet friend Miyake. She went there last year and she had a great experience with them. So, ofcourse, it is safer to go through your friend’s recommendation than a stranger right?

Thats how I felt. Miyake was so nice to introduced me to Shin from Docfinder and Banobagi Clinic. And then next thing we know, two months later we were off to the Country of KPOP! (Miyake if you’re reading this post, THANK YOU).

Before we jump into my journey, I want to talk a little bit about Docfinder Korea.

I’m sure a lot of you guys would be like “What is it about this medical agency? Isn’t it the same as other Korean medical agency?”

The answer is NO. Docfinder Korea is a medical tourism company accredited by the Korean Government. Their service is to provide best medical services for patients, helping you to select suitable doctors and clinic.  Not only they will help you to get a good clinic, but they will also be assisting you from day 1 until the day you leave.  What I meant by assisting, they will be with you from your consultation day (going into the consultation room) until after you got our from the surgery room. Throughout 2 weeks after the surgery, Shin came and check on me almost everyday. If I dont have any treatment on that day he will still come and check on me and Miyake. He was also there when I woke up from my surgery! I couldn’t remember most of it cos I was really drowsy and sleepy from General Anesthesia but he was there. It felt really safe having someone being there when we wake up from the surgery when we are traveling on our own. Want to know the coolest thing about Docfinder Korea? Their service is for FREE! yes, sexy bunnies their services are for free. I think its really good for overseas patients to use the service cos at the end of the day the cost of going to clinic without Docfinder Korea’s is the same with them helping you guys. Not forgetting they also BLACKLIST clinics that had accidents and bad reputation. Docfinder Korea will not be recommending you to go to any of those clinic. So they are very safe. When I sat down and talked to Shin in person few days after my arrival in Korea, he told me about all these. I was very relieved. I’m really happy with their service and they are really trustworthy medical agency.  So why not use their service when you’re there right?  So check them out if you guys are interested!

Docfinder Korea’s website:


Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 12.03.55 PM

My flight was from Denpasar (Bali)  – Seoul via Garuda Airlines. I was a little skeptical about this flight in the beginning because last time I flew with them, the turbulance was very bad.  For someone who have a flying phobia, BAD TURBULENCE MEANS MENTAL BREAKDOWN AND NON-STOP PANICKING.  I am terrible with flying. Every time I fly I always feel like I’m on a non-stop roller coaster ride and when there’s turbulence, I will always think we are at the peak of the coaster reel and my stomach and everything inside were about to drop. So,before I board I told myself to just watch 4 movies , FOUR and I’ll touch down. But to my surprise, as soon as we took off until we were close to landing the flight was very smooth. NO TURBULENCE AT ALL. I was enjoying the flight and the best part was there were no one sitting next to me. So,  I flew 6 hours with my legs  stretched out on 3 seats and slept through. It was a good flight.


The sky was so blue and calm. Though I hate flying, I really loved the sky that day.


I finally watched How to train Your Dragon on this flight and man..lucky no one was sitting next to me. Otherwise I’ll be so embarrassed crying and sobbing non-stop. lol.

For those who haven’t watch this movie GO AND WATCH IT RIGHT NOW! It’s really good! Toothless really reminded me of my late dog Nori. 😥


Upon my arrival in Seoul, Shin from Docfinder Korea picked me and Miyake up at the airport and drove us to our Airbnb House. My total length of stay in Korea was 3 weeks. 1 week for just strolling around in Seoul and the rest were business meetings. The remaining 2 were my surgery recovery period. First 1 week we stayed at Alice & Paul via Airbnb (separate blog post will be up this week),then 2nd and 3rd week we stayed at Banobagi Clinic Guest House.

Fast forward first 1 week, me and Miyake had a blast. We went to Lotte world (Korean Theme Park), Memebox HQ, had our hair done by my Aunty’s  friend who is SNSD (Girl’s Generation) hair stylist, went to sauna together, it was really a good 1 week. I really had a blast.


Photo taken by: Miyake at Lotte World

Lotte World was my favorite place growing up. Everytime I go back to Korea, I will always go with my cousins. So happy to finally be back and rode roller coaster again. The queue was..dreadful btw. The roller coaster played for less than 10 minutes and we were queueing for 2 hours! but oh well, it was really worth it. 😀


Had a great time at Memebox HQ with Miyake !

thank you Emilia for showing us around!



Thanks to my lovely Soyoung Aunty, me and Miyake got to meet “THE” Super Star Lee Soon Chul Representative Director of SoonSoo Hair Salon. He’s SNSD (Girl’s Generation) hair stylist and many other famous korean actors and actresses. I was very nervous when I met him, but he was very friendly and nice! I asked to get my hair layered and also styled, he did it right away and very fast! My hair felt so light and felt like SNSD Tiffany’s hair in Gee that day (channeling my inner SNSD vibe). It was super cute! We call this wavy hair style in korean “Moogyul wave”  hair, it was really huge back in SNSD Gee days and still is a trend now. You can see this hair style on Korean Dramas and music bank performances by Korean Girl Group.

If you’re in Korea and you want to get a Kpop style hair Here’s SoonSoo Address:

Gangnam-gu Chungdam-dong 22-19

Now finally! Consultation day has arrived people! On our check out day at Alice & Paul Shin came and picked us up again and drove us to the clinic. When we reached the Clinic he assisted us to the guest house which was right around the block. The guest house was relatively new, I love how the interior are very much like hotel. I had a very low expectation on it when I arrived but wow guys it really blew my mind.


I was staying in room 209, to my surprise the room was very cozy and comfortable. They also gave me one big box of pumpkin juice and pumpkin porridge for my post treatment meal. I was worried I have to go out and get food with my potato face, thank god Banobagi provided it. The room facilities were TV, humidifier, mini refrigerator and free wifi. I have no complain on all these facilities they provided us. As long as there is WIFI I’m happy, especially Korea has the fastest internet speed in the world. So NO COMPLAIN.

For those who are curious, I did double eyelid surgery (Non-incision + Ptosis Correction) and Facial contouring (Zygoma, Angular Jaw and Genioplasty or known as chin implant) 

Enough of my room show-and-tell, now let’s move on to the Clinic. Before the consultation, I was asked to fill in my personal information, as well as getting my temperature measured. When the staff was checking my temperature, the device didn’t work. If you guys watched the video you’ll know I had a funny expression there. That was cos I was scared I was carrying some sort of deadly disease or something. LOL *Drama sunny*.  Then finally the device decided to work and my temperature was normal. phew.

Banobagi Clinic lobby is one of my favorite place, it is so cozy and comfortable. I don’t mind hanging out there for all afternoon if I can cos to me it didn’t feel so tense like other hospital or clinic. It felt like you’re in a cozy place. The lobby really made me feel very calm. Something about this place..the whole atmosphere is so calm and cozy.






I had to take blood test and everything before the tomorrow’s surgery. lol you guys can probably tell I was scared of needle here. haha.


Before seeing Dr. Oh I was required to take an X-ray for my face so that he can see my face better during consultation.

Oh my god. I looked so short here from the photo below. O.o


Before I went to see Dr. Lee and Dr. Oh, I went to see Claire first. For those of you guys who don’t speak Korean, don’t have to worry. Claire will be assisting you, and help you communicate with your  Dr. I told Claire that I want my face to be more slimmer, smaller, and my chin to be pointier. As for my eyes I told her I want it slightly like semi tapered-paralel. I want it to be higher on inner corner crease and just normal fold like tapered on the main crease. Claire is very friendly, so don’t worry guys!

Then after meeting with Claire, Nana who will be assisting me through out my 2 weeks stay rushed me to meet Dr. Lee for my eyes. Claire and Shin was there at the consultation room too. Claire was helping me to explain to Dr. Lee what kind of eye shape I want and I also told him in detail what I want.

 Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 10.05.31 PM

I’m very happy with how understanding the Doctors are at Banobagi, good Doctors in my opinion are the one that listen to your concern and tell you what fits you and still listen to what you want. There is no use going to a Clinic where the doctors tell you what to do and you follow their opinion 100% and at the end not happy with the result.  When I went for consultation with both Doctors they were very nice and understanding. I told my Doctor I still want my eye fold a little bit higher and he suggested sligthly lower than the one I wanted I told him I still wanted it slightly higher so he agreed. He said If I go even higher than the current crease I will look weird. Which made sense, cos my eyes without double eyelid was already big. So I decided to just play safe and stick with the crease I wanted. Dr. Lee said it won’t be a problem,  I only need to do Non-Incision and Ptosis correction since my eyelid wasn’t that thick.

Then moving on to Dr. Oh, my goodness, I was honestly very nervous to meet him in person.

consultation part 1-a

I have been a fan of this famous Korean Medical Reality TV Show called “Let Me in”. It is basically a transformation show. They will pick contestant and do a make over on them (surgically).  Banobagi participated in the show, and I remember Dr. Oh did a two-jaw surgery on one of the contestant and she turned out very beautiful! Cannot see her square jaw line anymore! (LIKE WHATT?!?! )His work was very smooth and I always told myself If I want to get Facial Contouring surgery I want Dr. Oh to do it.

*dream come true*squeal

When I went into the consultation, I was very nervous. Dr. Oh was very friendly, he welcomed me and quickly examined my face. He noticed that my chin were slightly leaning towards on left side of my face. He said it was not proportional and my cheek bone was also quite prominent looking. So, Dr. Oh said he could help me achieve smoother feature and even my chin out. (HE CAN READ MY MIND, That was exactly what I wanted. A smoother feature 😀 ) I also told him I want my chin to be slightly more pointier and after  examining it Dr. Oh said it shouldn’t be a problem and it can be done.

Claire and Shin (from Docfinder Korea) was there throughout all of my consultations with both Dr. Lee and Dr. Oh. Claire really made sure there were no miscommunication between me and the doctors and she made sure everything was well communicated. I really like Claire, she is very friendly and nice. When you guys meet her in person, I’m sure you guys will like her as well. Shin was there too, he made sure everything went well and was monitoring everything. He also made sure we all checked in to our guesthouse and had everything we need. I will be spilling more about it in my part 2 post, really super excited about it already!

So anyways! the consultation went really well and I was already looking forward for the surgery day.

Many of you guys asked me if I was nervous and scared. I actually wasn’t. I was ready and wanted to get everything over with.

So, that’s it for today’s post.

Watch the vlog here:

Watch it in Indonesian:

Before I end this post I shall give you guy’s a little sneak peek.


Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 6.45.53 PM

Hello YOU sexy looking tomato faced Sunny! 😉 hihi *whistle whistle* haha

I hope you guys find it helpful. If you have any question please don’t hesitate to shoot me comments on down below, will get back at you guys as soon as possible.

If you are too shy you can reach me on e-mail:

Have a great day Bunnies!

signing off